How to Recover Deleted Photos in Android

If you have accidentally deleted a photo in your mobile, or have also deleted it intentionally by someone else, and you want to recover that photo, then definitely read this article completely, because today I am I will tell here how to recover deleted photos?

recover deleted photos

There are many ways to get back the deleted photos, which you can use, so by trying the same method, let’s see, how to recover deleted photos.

How to recover deleted photos

Most people use Android phones, in which you have already installed an application named Google Photos.

And if you have deleted a photo from the Google Photos app, then 100% of the photo that has been deleted will come back,

So let’s know, how to get deleted photos of (how to recover deleted photos from google photos)?

Step 1. First of all open Google Photos app.

Step 2. After that go to Bin by clicking on Menu.

recover photo from google photos app

Step 3. Now all those photos and videos will come in front of you, which were deleted.

Step 4. Now click on any photo or video you want to bring back and click on Restore.

restore photos

In this way, you can recover deleted photos and videos from your phone, apart from this, there is more option, to recover deleted photo, let’s see that too.

How to recover deleted photo?

This is another way to recover deleted photos, in this you have to keep the below mentioned app installed in your mobile forever,

So that with the help of the steps mentioned below, you will be able to easily get back the accidentally deleted photo videos.

  1. First of all install Dumpster App in your mobile from Play Store.
  2. After that open it and setup, in which you have to give some permission.
  3. Now anytime you delete a photo or video, it will go to the Dumpster App.
  4. Then you will also be able to restore by clicking on that photo or video.
restore photo using dumpster app

In such a situation, if your children or someone else deletes the photo or any video from your phone then there is nothing to worry about, simply by opening the Dumpster Apk you will be able to get that photo and video back again.


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